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Beauty of the Spirit

Of all the wonders in this world
Thereís beauty in the soul
Precious as the hands of time
An essence, pure and whole.

Some will go for beautyís grace
In flowing locks of hair
But it will lose its luster soon
When the spirit isnít there. 

Others look to faces, young
In worldly magazines
But they are full of sinful traps
Look to the soul, unseen. 

Thereís beauty in the spirit
Beyond this flesh that dies
A pretty face will fade away
But one in Christ will rise.

Thereís treasure in the soul, my friend
It last throughout all time
The beauty never fades away
Nor wilts upon the vine.

Enduring as the sword of truth
That dwells in Beulah land
The flaming torch, Godís light that shines
Within the breast of man. 

Author: Marilyn Ferguson (C)
October 22, 2003
Used with permission.
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