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Iíve Been Set Free

Free from the shackles
The weight of my sin
Free from the anguish
The pain from within.

Free from the anger
The conflict, the hate
Free from the burden
The anchor, the weight.

Free from the envy
The malice, the strife
Free from the bondage
The chains of this life.

Free from His vengeance
The fury of God
Free from His judgment
The sting of His rod.

Free from the turmoil
The seasons of grief
Free from the tempter
The robber, the thief.

Free from the darkness
The cross holds the key
The Light of sweet Jesus 
Now shines within me. 

Author:~ Marilyn Ferguson ~ ©April 08, 2004
Used with permission
Marilyn also  has her own beautiful site 
Echoes Of The Heart



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