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My Sheep Hear My Voice


God is the Living Water
An ever-flowing Tide
The steady Rock of Ages
An Ocean, vast and wide.

He restores my fleeting spirit
Puts spring into my step
Adds a bit of sunshine
Where Godly things are kept.

He is a sure Foundation
Removes the doubts and fear
When I am overcome by life
His voice, I often hear. 

He is the Rose of Sharon
The Keeper of my soul
The Lily of the Valley
The One who makes me whole.

He is a gentle Current
A River, running free
My Refuge at the harbor
An Anchor on life’s sea.

He is the Living Water
The Fruit upon the vine
The Grapes when I am hungry
The Essence and the Wine.

written  by Marilyn Ferguson 
(c) 2003  Used with permission
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Music By:  Bruce DeBoar 

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