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Sometimes when shadows linger
And darkness veils the night
When pain obscures my vision
And things aren't going right.

When the world around me crumbles
And a friend cannot be found
When tomorrow holds no promise
And life has got me down.

When I am at my lowest
And I can bear no more
I cry to God in anguish
He greets me at the door.

He gently whispers to me
My soul has found release
My troubles start to perish
My worries seem to cease.

The hardships I have known
Seem to vanish with the wind
When I seek His loving Spirit
And I humbly ask Him in.

All the turmoil that surrounds me
Seems to fade like shifting sand
When I linger in His presence
And He gently takes my hand. 

~ Author Marilyn Ferguson 
©1992  Used with permisssion
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Music "Thirsting  For Heaven" midi

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